Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Overall manage the operations of the Commissary. Plan and strategize the way forward to enable the high degree of customer service to store operations. Build a highly productive, cost effective and high quality processing plant to support the growing needs of store operations. Store and deliver goods to stores on time and in full.

1. Oversee the production process, ensure that the production is cost effective, decide what resources are required, set high quality standards

2. Monitor product standards and implement quality-control programs.

3. Implement a maintenance program to avoid downtime.

4. Ensure that health and safety guidelines are followed

5. Review and update supply chain practices in accordance with new or changing environmental policies, standards, regulations, or laws.

6. Select transportation routes to maximize economy by combining shipments or consolidating warehousing and distribution.

7. Diagram supply chain models to help facilitate discussions with store operations.

8. Develop material costs forecasts or standard cost lists.

9. Assess appropriate material handling equipment needs and staffing levels to load, unload, move, or store materials.

10. Monitor forecasts and quotas to identify changes or to determine their effect on supply chain activities

11. Meet with suppliers to discuss performance metrics, to provide performance feedback, or to discuss production forecasts or changes.

12. Implement new or improved supply chain processes. 

13. Collaborate with other departments, such as procurement, engineering, and quality assurance, to identify or qualify new suppliers.

14. Document physical supply chain processes, such as workflows, cycle times, position responsibilities, or system flows. 

15. Design or implement plant warehousing strategies for production materials or finished products.

16. Confer with supply chain planners to forecast demand or create supply plans that ensure availability of materials or products.

17. Define performance metrics for measurement, comparison, or evaluation of supply chain factors, such as product cost or quality.

18. Analyze inventories to determine how to increase inventory turns, reduce waste, or optimize customer service.

19. Participate in the coordination of engineering changes, product line extensions, or new product launches to ensure orderly and timely transitions in material or production flow.

20. Manage activities related to strategic or tactical purchasing, material requirements planning, inventory control, warehousing, or receiving.

21. Develop procedures for coordination of supply chain management with other functional areas, such as sales, marketing, finance, production, and quality assurance.

22. Design and implement supply chains that support business strategies adapted to changing market conditions, new business opportunities, or cost reduction strategies.

23. Conduct or oversee the conduct of life cycle analyses to determine the environmental impacts of products, processes, or systems.

24. Design, implement, or oversee product take back or reverse logistics programs to ensure products are recycled, reused, or responsibly disposed.

25. Evaluate and select information or other technology solutions to improve tracking and reporting of materials or products distribution, storage, or inventory.

26. Supervise and motivate the team

Desired Skills and Experience

• Candidate must possess a Bachelor's degree in Engineering,  Food Technology, Management or equivalent. 

• At least 10 years of work experience in the related field is required for this position. 

• Preferably with 6 years of experience specializing in Logistics/Supply Chain, Production, Supply Planning, Inventory Control, or equivalent. 

• Has the ability to plan and execute work to ensure timely completion of activities. 

• Understands the basics of Manufacturing and Supply Chain processes and concepts


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